Spain Trip planned for the summer of 2021


Nancy Beston and Amya Terry

French Club and German Club have officially announced their summer trips to foreign countries. Spanish just just finalized plans for their 2021 trip to Spain.

“We just solidified this with EP (educational tours),” with the trip being planned not too long ago, most things are still up in the air, according to Tammy Petzold Spanish teacher of CMR. 

Anyone who has had a previous two years of Spanish can attend. If Petzold or teacher Kaitlyn Maher aren’t familiar with a student wanting to go, the only requirement would an interview for the teachers to get to know the student. The goal is to see if they would be a good fit to join the trip with other students, “some people’s personalities don’t fit,” Petzold said. 

The price is generally the part that determines whether a student would be able to go to a school trip or not.

 “It’s between 4,000-4,500 [dollars],”  Petzold said. “The amount may seem overwhelming at first glance, however the payment pays for the tour bus, airfare, entrance, events, food, and more “so the price is reasonable.” 

To be able to pay for the trip. Petzold encourages her students to reach out to friends and other distant relatives to help, as well as get jobs on their own. 

The students will be enjoying their trip with other students from around America. 

“You are not only able to learn more about Spain, but you can [create] new friendships with others in the US,” Petzold added. 

Not everything is finalized yet, but the trip should take place around mid-June in 2021.