AP biology teacher learns from both students and material


Photo by Jack Sparks

Nathan Gregier stands with skull.

Jack Sparks, Staff Writer

As school starts to return to normal after COVID-19, it will never be the same. 

For Nathan Gregier, his biggest change is his new class. Gregier, a Biology teacher at C. M. Russel high school, now is teaching AP (advanced placement) Biology. Gregier graduated from CMR in 1980, and his favorite class during his highschool years was AP Biology. 

In a lot of ways it feels like I’ve kind of come around full circle from being an AP Bio student in this school to now have the opportunity to teach AP Bio,” Gregier said. The highlight of the class for Gregier was the problem solving skills he gained.

I felt like within the science classes that they helped you understand the world around you a lot better,” He said. He added that he is excited for the chance to give students more elaborate answers to their questions, and dive deeper into them. Gregier said that he’s happy that students choose to take the class, because it shows him that the students are wanting to go further into it than they would in other classes. 

The curriculum is more in depth, and the pacing is much faster. In AP Biology, Gregier teaches things such as chi square analysis that he wouldn’t be able to explain in a regular biology class. 

I’m hoping that every year that I do this I get a little bit better at it, but I’m going to be learning a lot from students, too,” He said, “I’m going to be asking for your feedback a lot throughout the year. See what you like, what you don’t like, what you need, [and] what’s helping you be successful here.”