Vandals continue to strike


Photo by Isabel Foley

Isabel Foley, Photo Editor

Students spend hours of their day at CMR and for many, it can start to feel as though they live at school. Before winter break, bathrooms on the second and third floor were shut down due to vandalism. One student shares her thoughts on the matter.

“It’s very wrong. I like the way adults say ‘this is your home’,” Della Everhart said, adding that the closing of the bathrooms does not reflect well on the school’s reputation.

“[The vandalism] does not make us look very good. I don’t feel very good about that,” she said. Everhart said that the vandalism affects everyone at CMR, not just the students perpetrating the vandalism.

“I feel like it’s a group effort to stop it as well.  Every single one of us is involved. It affects all of us. Not just certain people,” Everhart said, adding that the students enacting the vandalism are doing it for all the wrong reasons.

“The people who do it are the people who don’t like the school. That’s not making it any better. That’s just ruining the essence of going to school in the morning and wanting to be here,” she said. Everhart said that it all comes down to a lack of respect for the school, other students, and the staff. 

“Especially being a Rustler, I respect the school.”