CMR students provide advice to help better the school

Tanner McPherson

My opinion? That doesn’t quiet sound effective does it? Our opinion. That sounds like it would get something accomplished. At CMR they are taking a new approach and asking students what they think and how our school can be more effective over the next generation.

 Some of the questions that were brought up were questions like what is our most engaging class or what is our school missing or even how would you feel if our a school was divided up into different career fields that intertwine with Great Falls High. I was shocked to hear some of these questions and how we are not asking all the students what their opinion is, instead of a select few.

Personally, I think that the most engaging classes are the classes you enjoy doing the most. Like for me I enjoy the med. Prep classes that I am in and I find these most engaging to me. For others it maybe choir, auto tech. / shop, business, journalism, drama and even cooking/sewing classes can be engaging. The point of this question was to get to the basis of whether students would be prepared to separate these career classes into different buildings away from the school.

The defects to these proposed ideas are the fact the school would need to provide transportation to the different buildings. It would be a struggle to afford and obtain this kind of money for buses to take students everyday to the appropriate buildings. Another difficulty with this idea is what happens to the students who want to take a variety of different classes becoming better rounded for college. Frankly, I think that this seems kind of communistic making you decide what you want to do so early in your life instead of leaving it the way it is with the options left open.

In the meeting another problem was brought up and it was how can we make CMR a better school? Well, definitely intertwine us with Great Falls High that will help us become a better green and gold school. How about we as seniors try to leave on a high note with school spirit?

To be entirely honest if I asked anyone of you seniors in this school if our school spirit would ever match up to two or three years ago you would say “No we sucked this year.” This is the kind of message that we are going to leave CMR for the rest of the time it continues to be a competitive high school in athletics and academics combined.

So you decide what does our school need? What does it mean to be a part of CMR? Don’t stand for not getting your opinion in these small student led meetings just because you weren’t randomly chosen. Make a voice and send a letter to the editor or write me something and I will make sure your voice is heard.