Take time to say “thank you” to Rustler engineers

Molly McEntee

They are everywhere you are; friendly and minding their own business. They never ask what caused the latte spill on the second floor, or hesitate to clean up the stinky vomit from the sick kid in room 302. No, without protest they do their job and very rarely are thanked. It would seem appropriate to us to give a big round of applause to the custodial team here at CMR.

Hats off to Ken Cartwright and the rest of the engineering staff. They don’t have to put up with the students who make messes, but they do. The team deserves the utmost amount of respect from the student body for all that they do while we are watching, and while we are away. 

Many jobs that we wouldn’t want to do ourselves they do for us, picking up paper off the ground, fixing “jammed” lockers, setting out chairs for events and waxing the floors while we are enjoying summer vacation. This job is not for the faint of heart; after all, would you want to clean up after you? Many annoying tasks come their way, but throughout the year they stay busy making our school a nicer place to stay.

Life at CMR would not be the same without their hard work. So the next time you are carrying a tasty beverage up stairs and it spills, don’t just walk away like it never happened; stop and think; would I want to clean this mess myself?