Is Christmas travel a friend or foe?

Luke Sisko

For me Christmas traveling is more than seeing the beautiful Big Sky Country. It’s making sure the car is all ready for the road.

The past week my sister and niece came over from Washington to visit for a few days. Of course the weather in Montana, like many say, changes every five minutes. Well that’s still true today. When we made our departure out of Great Falls on Interstate I-90 towards Vaughn we suddenly hit thick dark fog at 7 a.m.

We could only see about 20 feet in front of us. We were determined to keep on going even though our knuckles were as white as the snow on the road itself. Traveling for me has been easy for the most part, but this one was the worst of all of them. As we made our way towards Missoula we came upon a regular corner that gradually turned to the right. A blue car was sliding towards us sideways in the right hand lane.

Strangely, none of us were freaking out when our car fish-tailed to the right and barely missed the car after we straightened out. We were able to avoid the wreck and get back in the right lane. Just three seconds after that we saw a snow plow driving in the left lane going past us. All I can say is we had major luck on our side. I guess we were at the wrong place at the wrong time for sure. For me traveling is definitely a foe. I would consider a plane for holiday trips. This should go for everybody.