A Digital Danger

Hannah Swant, Guest Writer



 While I am sure that everyone out there has flicked their cell phones open and read something along these lines, I am challenging every avid texter to defy these ungodly-low standards.

I want to know when this became acceptable.  When did it become “proper” to neglect capitalization for the letter ‘I’ and to insert numerals into common words?  Is it really easier to type “R” than “are?”

Now, I am not asking people to be like me and use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling (to the best of my ability) in every single text message.  I simply plead that cell phone owners think back on those many years of English class, provided by the wonderful taxpayers of this nation, before pressing send.  You don’t have to use the words “Oppugn,” “Moschate,” or “Etymology” in your everyday digital communications to understand the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

You would be upset if your principal presented you with an award, but spelled half the words on the certificate wrong and forgot to capitalize your name.  The next time you decide to utilize your fluency in the language of texting, I hope you realize your mistake and take the time to revisit your English teacher.