EDITORIAL: Retiring teachers provided quality education, created strong memories, built legacy

It’s not a sad farewell, but a time to appreciate and be thankful for those who influenced thousands of lives over the years.

We’d like to thank those who followed their passion to teach, for they have impacted lives of students and colleagues in a way that will not be forgotten.

A majority of the retiring teachers have been at C. M. Russell High School for most of their careers, and it would be a pity to let their dedication slip by without notice or praise.

So we’d like to express our gratitude for all the efforts they have put forth during their years of teaching.

Thank you, Marcia Anderson, for having patience in geometry class.

Thank you, Dennis Dell, for the years of conducting orchestra.

Thank you, Diane Kirol, for teaching us the life skills we need.

Thank you, Deb Louttit, for listening patiently and bringing Chunk to CMR.

Thank you, Bruce Barta, for your years of dedication to industrial arts.

Thank you, Steve Titcomb, for making history come alive.

And thank you, Tom Spencer, for creating amazing Homecoming and theater memories.

You have persevered through the fights and tears that have brought so many struggles. Your persistence — and most especially your kindness — has helped you create memories that will last.

These memorable learning experiences will prove to be a great advantage in our future.

For some teachers this has been like a second home. We can imagine how hard it is for you to go, and we hate to watch you leave.

No matter what experiences retirement brings, you will be greatly missed and always welcome back with open arms.

Don’t be strangers — come back for Homecoming, athletic events and performances.

With students now moving out into the world, our future is a little more secure because of the teachers that helped us along the way. By giving us a better understanding of academics, the knowledge we have gained gives us a brighter outlook.

While we might not use everything taught in your classes, it’s all worth it because of the skills you taught, ones we can apply to our lives.

Some students will find significance in every lesson you had to offer, and our journey to our respective careers is easier because of you.

The lessons taught in each of these classes is priceless. We may not know this now, but the success we earn will be a direct reflection of the teachers who gave us the knowledge to reach our goals.

So after everything you’ve done at the school our simple thanks could not nearly justify what you deserve.

Enjoy your final days at C.M. Russell High School. You will always be Rustlers.

Thank you.