Choosing the lesser of two evils

Gemma Kern, staff writer

Watching TV during this time of year gets annoying with the political ads that appear during every single commercial break.

An average commercial break lasts about two or three minutes, and that allows for about four to six campaign ads to bombard your television screen. At times like these, I give thanks to the person who invented the mute button.

After the umpteenth time of sitting through one ad after another, I begin to wonder when political advertisements started bashing the other opponent. Instead of offering solutions, honestly, I find it to be an ugly beauty pageant. The winner will be the one who can reel in the most voters with promises of lower taxes, fairness to the people, and let’s not forget who can scoop up the most dirt on his or her opponent before the election.

So I am left with the question: Who should I vote for? Of course, I am not yet of the legal voting age, so this shouldn’t bother me as much as it will when the 2016 election comes around.

I have a friend who turned 18 recently and I said to her, “You can vote for president now!” She laughed a little and responded, “I know, but I don’t think I will vote this year.” I really don’t blame her because this coming election is infamously known as a “hold your nose” election. Both parties stink and don’t seem to really care for the 47-48 percent of the population, also known as the non-rich people, who will be casting their votes as well.

If I was asked who I like better– Obama or Romney –I would most likely tell you that we are in trouble no matter who we vote for. More than likely there will be someone who would want to preach to me how amazing Romney is or how phenomenal Obama is. I will just smile and tell them that I really don’t care.

Honestly, if I were of the voting legal voting age, I too would boycott casting my vote just as my friend decided to.

If you think about the possibility of somehow everyone following suit and deciding not to cast their vote this election a major question comes to mind: “What would happen?” In reality, excluding those who cast false ballots and miscount, the election would come to a stalemate.

I imagine that we would panic and try to find a solution. One possible solution would be that we stick with the current president and start over trying to find different candidates, which I wouldn’t particularly enjoy another year and half long campaign season for reasons I have stated above, but that would be more of a pain. Another possibility could be that we lower the voting age so that they can influence more people; after all, we always wonder why American Idol gets more people voting than the presidential election. Perhaps if the government made a reality TV show they would get more voters.

Everyone has a different definition of what they think is a perfect world. However, the reality is there is no lesser of the two evils to vote for this time around.