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The student news site of C. M. Russell High School

Rustler News

The student news site of C. M. Russell High School

Rustler News

Consider this, cheerleading is a sport defines sports as an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess, and often of a competitive nature.

 Why than do people not consider CMR cheer a sport?

 Cheering is a physical activity that involves cardio and strength. Cheerleaders dance, cheer, tumble, and jump throughout games and performance. That alone is defined as a sport by

 Of course, that didn’t even include stunting; a skill, which must be practiced in order to be perfected to be performed or competed. Stunting is the displaying of both skills and strength where two bases and a back-spot support the flyer or top girl.

The flyer is essentially being held by the bases and back-spot. There are many tricks and pyramids that are preformed in the category of stunting.

 Though CMR cheerleading isn’t completive, they still display all the athletic skills defined as sport.

 So again I ask, why isn’t CMR cheer being considered a sport?

 CMR cheer is considered a club, though cheer isn’t a club.

In what club must you try out based on your skill or physical prowess?

CMR cheer must also pay a sports fee, what club pays a sport fee?

 CMR cheer has one of the longest seasons. They begin with tryouts in May and end their season after State basketball in March.

 The cheer team has practices throughout the week. There are at least three practices during the week, most of which are five am. During practices the squad conditions, stunts and learns new performances.  

 Along with multiple practices the cheer team is at every home game. The squad supports volleyball, football, wrestling and boys and girls basketball.

 With all the time the girls on the team dedicate to the school, they don’t even get the respect of being called a sport.



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Consider this, cheerleading is a sport