EDITORIAL: Dark, negative side of social media cripples youth, destroys individuals’ confidence

What does a bird, a blue F, a camera, and a red P have in common? They all give someone the power to shame, humiliate, and ruin someone’s reputation.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In are used by almost everyone in the world. They use it to follow their idols and stars. They use it to say or post something funny. They use it to just say what they’re doing. Or, they use it as a tool to harm others.

If they use it for the latter, they’re wasting their time. Social media sites are such a great idea to spread news rapidly, but are we spreading the wrong news to share with others? Just take a look at the Confessions Page.

It’s true that everything has a dark side, but for once can we steer away from it? Social media websites were not made to be used that way. We laugh at others’ pain, but a line has been crossed.

There are those who think that hiding behind a screen will ensure their anonymity, but that is not true. A prime example is the two drunk football players in Ohio who raped the girl. They got caught because they posted terrible things. Neither is it true that hurting another will make a person better, cooler, or more likeable than anyone else. It just makes that person a jerk.

We don’t believe in that. We think it’s ridiculous that in order for one person to have enjoyment, another has to suffer. It’s just not right.

So if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. Either stay positive in your Tweets, texts, and posts or put the phone down. If you think it’s cool to hurt others through the Internet, remember that it could possibly be a life on the line.