SRO urges students to have safe summer

Nick Taylor, School Resource Officer

WOOOHOOOO!  We all made it! Congrats to the class of 2013 and well wishes in the future with whatever your plans may be.  To everyone, students and staff, thanks for the entertaining and good year this year. 

When I got this idea last year to do the newspaper column, I was hoping to try to provide some insight into what I do on a day-to-day basis and some of the issues that I deal with.  I’ve also used this forum as an opportunity to educate you all on law issues.  I think it has been received pretty well, and I appreciate the positive compliments that have come from it.  To the journalism department, this has really opened my eyes to what deadlines mean, and I can tell you that I have a ton of respect for what you all do! 

This summer, I hope you all have plans to stay out of trouble.  It’s not certain what the police department will have me doing, but there is a chance that I will be back on patrol.  Please don’t make me have to deal with you in that capacity!  Use the summer to spend time with family and friends, travel and have a good time — but please be responsible, make good decisions and drive safely.  When next school year comes along, I expect to see everyone back here.  Have a great summer!