EDITORIAL: Early morning football game shows just how much “Rustler Spirit,” support, tradition CMR students have

They say there’s nothing more deafening than silence. False. There’s nothing more deafening than the CMR student section in the midst of a football game.

In their various stages of glitter, green, gold, and camouflage, the student section during the Sept. 6 football game was something for the history books and we, at the Stampede, would like to applaud all of the attendees for that.

We hope to see not only more of this fantastic, CMR Rustler tradition at not only football games but also the other sporting events students at this school are a part of.

CMR is built on relationships. It is a social atmosphere where all of those relationships and friendships lead to a place where the learning and chance for success is better.

We as reporters and as photographers want to go and capture that true CMR rowdy Rustler spirit we know runs through veins of our student body. We want to see people in the crowd, hanging on to every suspensful moment, being the Rustlers we know they are. We know this can happen; we’ve seen it.

We want to encourage our student body to continue supporting all activities at CMR. We want to see that infamous green and gold painting the auditoriums, halls, stadiums, courts, and fields.

Get out there, Rustlers! Show our community just how responsible and supportive we can be.

On Friday, the CMR Varsity boys football team takes on Butte; let’s get out there and show them our support! Sept. 13-14 Lady Rustler volleyball has the Great Falls Invitational, so meet them on the court and cheer them on. On Sept. 28 soccer battles against Billings Senior, be sure to be there!

Everyone in our school deserves to be recognized; let’s show them just how much we care and support their various endeavors!