EDITORIAL: CMR bathrooms in need of assistance

What’s the most important facility in a school besides the classrooms?

The office.

The holy shrines that we call bathrooms.

These sacred shrines not only have broken doors, but some have no gates at all.


Why are the bathrooms in such poor condition?

Is it funding?

Is it repeated vandalism, which plagues our halls?

Whatever the reason, our Arc of the Covenant must be shrouded.

Bathrooms are a necessity and they should be kept in good condition,  and we should smite those who destroy the porcelain palace.

Out of the 28 stalls in the men’s bathrooms, 13 have broken doors, seven doors are missing, and three are blocked.

It would be much appreciated if we men had some form of coverage. Maybe curtains, a fine Persian rug, or even those beads that teenage hippies hung from the entrance to their bedrooms in the ‘70s. We are not asking for a fine oak door, but we are asking for a simple dull and hollow sheet of metal.

Is C. M. Russell High School proud of these stalls?

The sign outside the one door-less bathroom reads “Pride of Ownership,” but upon entering the desolate wasteland one immediately realizes that this windowless, door-less prison is nothing but the opposite of pride.

There are times when even cigarettes litter the floor.

Along with these cigarettes, people toss their spare coins into the urinal like it is Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

So what do we at the Stampede wish for? Normal, clean, functioning bathrooms, complete with doors—those that don’t strike fear into someone who had a bad lunch.

Even more important is our school’s image.  Bathrooms are a necessity, and the bathrooms located in the Commons are heavily used during events such as graduation, Homecoming, and lunch.

We at the Stampede are not the only ones who believe the men’s bathrooms need a renovation. Students such as junior Caelan Brady, to whom the bathroom is an important facility, believes “the bathrooms need an update. I prefer a clean, peaceful, and quiet bathroom.”

All junior Noah Livdahl had to say on the subject was, “Ew.”

All senior Jacob Sullivan wants is a nice green paint job on the stalls, especially to cover up the vandalism that has become a norm in the men’s bathrooms.

The doors in the bathroom shouldn’t have gaping holes, nor should  the locks be uneven and unable to be put in place. Above all, the doors shouldn’t make us make students fear the act of using the restroom between classes.

We urge the school to fix the doors, and at the same time we urge students in this building to take care of a facility that at the age of 49 needs some extra care.