Keep the hallways PDA free

I look at school as a professional work area. Even though I’m not getting paid I still put forth my best effort to wear decent clothes, look nice, and come to school ready to learn. And what better to interrupt my studious composure than a couple standing in the middle of the hallway grabbing each other’s butts and swapping saliva. Great image, right?

I know not everyone shares my opinion of school being an area of professionalism, but making out in the hallway is inappropriate .

I have a boyfriend, and we keep things appropriate during school. I don’t mind hand-holding or a quick kiss good-bye, but stopping in the middle of the hallway because you see your boyfriend or girlfriend and getting that sudden impulse to stick your tongue down his or her throat is gross! Save it for when no one else is around.

School is a place for students to come to learn and hang out with friends, not to be creeped out.

Remember, keep it classy CMR.