Stampede staffer takes inspiration from familiar face

Jennifer Lawrence is my unofficial spirit animal, and if she wants to cut her hair super short. I guess I should, too.

She had to shed her long locks because she kept dying it, and it was getting out of hand. Considering I haven’t had a haircut since last November, we’re in a very similar situation.

However,  try as I might, I will only able to bear three inches. Why?

Because long hair is vain. Very vain. Therefore,  it suits me. But I wish every day I had the same unselfish, modest motives as my main girl J. Law.

In fact maybe we all should strive to by a little more like Jennifer Lawrence. How hard is it to give up things we don’t need but hold on to for the sole purpose of how it makes us look?

In our community, our “hair” is our inhibitions.

Hardly anyone is willing to cast away their inhibitions at the risk of looking uncool. But at what cost? How long can people sit on the sidelines of life until the game is over?

The only moment that matters is the one we are in now.

I think we should all take a page out of Ms. Lawerence’s book and all cut off our hair.