Web claims time for better or for worse

Spending your days and nights in a dark black hole that to many is known as the internet. It’s not the best way to spend my time, but when your addicted, it’s hard to get away. I spend a lot of my time on the internet wasting away on sites like “YouTube” and “Tumblr”.

I have to admit, I lose track of time and end up procrastinating on most of my homework until the night before it’s due. The reality is, I do have a problem and I’m trying to break my addiction, but I’m not the only one in this day and age that struggles with internet addiction. Many people deal with it.

Even though surfing the internet can be a waste of time, it can also be helpful. I don’t just spend my time on ridiculous sites. Today, the internet connects people across the world. In Germany, I made a lot of friends and the internet keeps us together. Without the internet, I would be reduced to “snail-mail” which would take months at a time to get a response.

Although the internet can be helpful with staying connected to others, it can be addictive and can disconnect you from the real world.