Stampede staff member reflects on high school career, future

Teenagers are a needy species.

They need iPhones, new clothes on a weekly basis, and miscellaneous other useless items.

These aren’t exactly necessary items that they would die without. However, they still claim to “need” them.

It’s  disturbing to me how much stuff teenagers accumulate before they go off to college. I only say this because as I prepare for my college career, I’m thinking about what to take with me and my only thought is “Holy crap. Where did all of this come from?”

Though as I try to decrease the amount of stuff I need I find myself sitting on my bedroom floor looking at things that hold so many memories. I’ve only been alive for 17 years. I can’t even imagine 50 or 60 years from now, the amount of memories and things I will hoard by then.

I’ve heard from many people that high school is the time of my life and based upon all of my “stuff” I can only say that yes, I’ve had some fantastic memories and moments here. However, I hope that this isn’t the best part of my life. I can only thank this place, for the past four years and all of the wonderful moments it has given me but hope that as my life continues and develops that my time at CMR becomes a faded memory to the other inspirational, memories I will have.