CMR haunted by the dreaded “slow walkers”

It’s a normal school day for you at C.M.Russell High School. You’re walking to your next class and hoping to not be late, you walk faster than most students. But you are slowed down by fellow classmates who are walking INCREDIBLY slowly when going up or down the stairs or when walking down the hall.

This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. And I think that most people would agree with me on this issue. It has annoyed me more than usual lately, but then again it could just be the stairwells that I and fellow students walk on, but this happens on EVERY stairwell I climb. Students who walk too slowly when they’re in front of you are quite annoying.

The solution to the problem? It’s easy. Don’t walk INCREDIBLY slowly. Of course people say that they walk slowly down the stairs and halls for their safety. But walking a little bit faster isn’t going to cause anyone to fall down the stairs or trip in the hall.

Another thing that contributes to this problem is students who walk slowly AND text on their phones at the same time! Is texting on your way to class so important that you slow down everybody behind you just so you can send a message to your significant other? Think about that. It slows down the “traffic” in the halls and on the stairs, which is crazy as it is, but it makes the situation worse for you and other students.

Consider texting your friend, boyfriend, or parents before the bell rings so everybody else doesn’t have to wait on you so you can text.