Justin Bieber: Criminal pop star

Untalented, selfish, obnoxious, childish, jerk. Those are just a few words that describe Justin Bieber, a pop star who doesn’t care what people think about him. Bieber has caused some troubling events in his so called “career.”

Bieber was criticized after he visited the Anne Frank House museum on April 12 and put the quotes “would have been a belieber” in the guest book. He was even videotaped urinating into a janitor’s mop bucket and yelling “F— Bill Clinton.” That was just the start of Bieber’s behavior. United States border agents found weed in his tour bus as he was crossing into Canada from Detroit.

His recent actions include “officially retiring,” egging a neighbor’s house and causing $20,000 worth of damage, cocaine being found in his house, being arrested for drag racing, failing to pass a drug test, resisting arrest and assaulting a limousine driver.

Bieber has his fans who will always stick up for him, and if you didn’t already know, they are called “beliebers.” Even after the recent flops in his career, the “beliebers” still say that he is “a human being and everybody makes mistakes,” but after the large amount of mistakes that Bieber has made, he doesn’t deserve forgiveness. I am not the only one who feels this way.

A petition on the website whitehouse.gov calls for Bieber’s deportation and revoking his green card. The petition needed 100,000 signatures to be reviewed by the government, and as of late, the petition has 147,582+ signatures, so this may be the last straw for the pop star. If the petition is approved, Bieber will be deported from the United States and have his green card revoked, which means he will be banned from being allowed into the country.

Unless he cleans up his act soon, Bieber might be playing a concert at the next venue that he is going to: prison.