What importance do you place on finals?

“It will make or break your grade.”  – Jayden Debron, 9

“I just remember that every final gets me a little closer to college.”  – Austin Enriquez, 10

“Finals help you figure out what classes you need to study for.” –Hannah Kubert, 12

“To study and not stress about the final.” –Lea Martin, 11

“It affects getting into college.” –Nathan Moore, 9

“I place importance on getting a good night’s rest and eating a healthy breakfast.” –Faith Demaris, 10

“It is important because it is the last grade before the semester.” –Danielle Ortegon, 12

“It is an opportunity to raise their grade.” –Velma Jordan, Credit Recovery

“It’s important but shouldn’t take over your life.” –Micael Lynn, 10