Mother and father make Halloween the best day of every year

The best memory that I have of Halloween is every year with my father. My father is an all-out Halloween lover. Every year he does things that still amaze me. For example three years ago I had arrived to my house to see my father completely decked out in a black robe with a long black wig on. He had painted hi face white with black around his eyes and had taped fake, long, and black finger nails onto his fingers. I was terrified, not to mention he had creepy music playing in the background the whole night. Seeing your father dressed up like that does not do good things to your soul. He claimed that he had dressed up like this goth maniac to “scare children away so they will not come back next year”. Of course his idea did not work and was actually a big hit, I actually think we had even more trick-or-treaters the next year because of his costume. And not to mention, he’s a pastor.

His love of Halloween passed down to me and all of my siblings. We love all things scary because of him. Every Halloween we watch anything that even has the word scary or ghost in it. And along with watching scary movies with my dad he would also claim that every year he would set up and amazing haunted house right in our front yard. Of course this was more of a dream of his than an actual reality idea, but it was still fun to talk about setting up smoke machines and scaring the little kids in our neighborhood. Maybe one of these years we will set up a haunted house that will be talked about for years.

My father isn’t my only parent who is obsessed with Halloween either. My mom celebrates Halloween like no other. One morning you will wake up and everything will be fine, the next day you wake up there will be cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, spooky orange and purple lights strung around the whole house, and witches everywhere, this is my favorite day. It feels like you went to sleep and woke up in Halloween Town. I don’t know why, but when Halloween comes around it’s like a different side of my mom comes out. She’s baking every day, she’s wearing Halloween themed shirts the whole month, and best of all we watch Hocus Pocus everyday leading up to Halloween.

Because of my parents love for Halloween it has become a huge staple in my life. I am so excited to pass on everything that I did as a kid with my kids. I can’t wait to take them to their grandma and grandpa’s house to see them dressed up in silly costumes and still decorating every inch of the house and Hocus Pocus playing on repeat on the TV. My parents have made Halloween such a fun, exciting, and special holiday for me that I wish it was a week-long!