EDITORIAL: Bad behavior reflects poorly on CMR

One of the perks of being a CMR student is the open campus. Everyday students leave the school and go to various businesses to get their lunch. Recently, however, there have been several complaints from local establishments about problems caused by students.
Reported problems include littering and theft, and Rustlers have been identified as the culprits. The majority of CMR students don’t act this way, but the stereotype set by these few students affects everyone.
One such incident led to students not being allowed into Sam’s Club for a week. While other businesses have yet to close their doors to Rustlers, students should reconsider this disrespectful behavior. We hope that it doesn’t escalate any further.
An important thing that Rustlers should remember is that we have a fairly decent reputation in the community, and we don’t want to mess that up.
Open campus is a privilege that the majority of students use in the intended manner, and generally it is something that causes few issues. As the mature and responsible students of the school that we know you can be, we ask that you show the best side of CMR.
The community support that we have right now is outstanding. There is an amazing number of people who come to our sports games, drama productions, and community members read the newspaper and stand by the numerous clubs and groups of our school.
The places that students go for lunch are a part of that community. If would be unfortunate if they lost their respect for our school and their CMR pride was damaged as a result.
Most Rustlers bleed green and gold both on the school grounds and off of them. Show as much pride and capacity to be mature out of school as we all do in school.