Divergent disappoints Spectators

Darlene Westie, Staff Writer

When you love reading more than TV you end up with a genre you love more than any other. Come on, we both know you have that one genre you could read forever, whether it’s sci-fi, historical fiction, or biographies.


You have your favorite authors, series, or even that one chapter in that book you have read so many times you could recite it from memory. Then there’s that one book that everyone else loves, but you can’t read, because even though the storyline is great, the writing itself is bad — and I mean really bad.


For me it’s the “Divergent” series. Everyone raves about it. Everyone loves it, and has done nothing but praise its quality. I can’t read it past the first book. The first book was fine, but it’s not something I would read again.


The second thing I couldn’t get past was the fourth chapter. It was an interesting storyline, but the writing itself put me off. There was drama where there really shouldn’t have been and relationship issues in the middle of a battle scene. I mean it was already a dramatic story, but did we really need the drama between the two main characters?  I understand that they are in a relationship, but I really don’t understand the drama that happened there.


In the first book they had some issues, but they were willing to work it out. On the subject of a relationship, they are at war! I know they had a relationship before, but the relationship doesn’t help in this case.


They both think it’s something they did that is making the other mad, while really it’s the fact that they are at war! It’s a completely different person that’s making them mad, worried, frustrated, and stressed out. And when the other admits that, the other person gets jealous.


The decision to leave their safety in the faction Amity was where their first problems occurred. If they would have made more reasonable decisions on how to carry out their plan, their cover could have been protected.


Bad idea. Even though you do need to run, run somewhere that isn’t currently being killed off. It’s like hiding yourself in the hospital ward that’s under quarantine — it’s under quarantine for a reason.
Overall, I can’t stand stupid decisions. And this series is rife with them. If you like them I don’t begrudge you for that, but don’t expect me to join in on your conversation.