Getting your head in the game

Trey Behling, Staff Writer

Sports are always a big topic in schools, but I personally don’t care for them. I like to play basketball or baseball with a small group of friends; but not on a major team. I think sports offer a way to meet friends and stay in shape. However, for the most part, sports are meant to be fun.

Some people see sports as a potential career opportunity, and some athletes can even get a full-ride scholarship to a good college. There are a lot of good things that come from them, however, there is always a negative side.


Many injuries can come from playing sports, whether they are minor or life threatening. I hear a lot about concussions and other injuries that can make a player go out for that season. Some people like me, on the other hand, just aren’t coordinated enough to play sports.


Sports can be fun or a nightmare, depending on who you are. For example, gym class can be the longest or shortest 30 minutes of one’s day. Sports aren’t for everyone, but I do think people should at least try it once in their life to see if maybe it is something that you would enjoy.


All year long, there are school sports going on. A great way to show pride for your school is by attending one of the games and cheering the athletes on. I enjoy going to the games with some friends and hanging out while watching our school beat the other team.


Even if you aren’t really into sports, like me, you should at least do some type of activity every now and then and come to your school games to cheer them on. It’s a great time to meet people and show your school pride.