Serena Williams takes more names, and not in tennis

Chloe Geary, Staff Writer

Serena Williams is a strong and courageous woman; she’s an icon who works hard to get where she wants to go.


In Beyonce’s new Visual Album, “Lemonade”, Williams made a cameo dancing for Beyonce during a song called “Sorry”, and it was pretty great.


The video was amazing, seeing two intelligent women tell the world how they aren’t sorry for the way you feel about them, and look amazing while doing it.


Beyonce is a revolutionary woman, and the way she included another female in the making of “Lemonade” inspires me to recognize the power of the people around me.


Together, these women create a boundless world for women (especially African-American women) to work with each other and collaborate for the greater good.


Williams isn’t the only strong black woman featured in “Lemonade,” though. There are several notable faces, including Zendaya, Winnie Harlow, Leah Chase.


The whole of “Lemonade” was fantastic, but the cameos made it unforgettable.


I want to thank Beyonce for including people who work hard and do good work in her Visual Album.


Williams is a great, inspiring woman who deserves to be recognized and rewarded for her hard work.