Student eats her way through the four seasons

Kenzie Nice, Staff Writer

We all have our favorite seasons, whether it be spring, summer or perhaps even the colder weather of fall and winter. And with each season comes the favorite foods. And if you’re like me, each season inspires a different taste.


My own tastes are quite different with each season.  For me, it’s hot soup or stew in the summer months, while in the middle of winter I can eat slushies and ice cream.


Fall is the greatest time to eat your favorite foods because of one reason. Well two, actually: Halloween and Thanksgiving! On Halloween you get the best excuse to eat all of the candy when you take your little sister or brother out trick-or-treating. Either that, or you steal from your siblings later on.


Thanksgiving seems to be the one holiday on which you eat that one food you don’t get any other day of the year. This usually ends up being your ultimate favorite or special feel-good food — apple pie, yams, cranberries, the works!


In my opinion, spring is probably the best.  With no limit of excuses to eat your favorite foods, hot dishes such as pasta and grilled meats during a warmer day and ice cream during a possible Montana spring snow day are all on the menu.


You may not eat candy or have turkey ready to go. But on spring vacation, it’s the perfect reason to eat snacks — everything from brownies to Cheetos.  Whatever your preference, it depends on your taste buds and how you feel. For me, it’s whatever my head decides that I want to eat for that time of the year.