Exchange student meets her family again after ten months

Aurora Oden, Staff Writer

The feeling of getting closer to summer break is always something special to me. The excitement of knowing that I have the whole summer in front of me without worrying about school is to me, amazing. Just knowing that I can spend my time on whatever I want to do is something I’m really looking forward to. This summer won’t have as much excitement and travels in it compared to the previous summers in my life but I think this one will be one of the best summers anyway.

As an exchange student from Sweden I haven’t seen either my family or friends for about ten months and in about two weeks I will finally be reunited with them again! I haven’t really been homesick during this year because I’ve been so excited and busy trying and experiencing new things and my host family is wonderful. But of course I’ve missed my parents and friends in Sweden a lot and it will be amazing to see them again.

I have loved it here in Great Falls though, and I just made my decision to stay here for another year. That means I will come back to Great Falls and CMR after the summer and do my senior year here too and then graduate. This leaves me two months of the summer in Sweden and I will just spend as much time as possible with family and friends before I leave again. A lot of the time will probably be spent at beaches, just outside hanging out with friends and being in the city shopping. Hopefully I will have time to go horseback riding a couple times too. I have barely done it since I came to America but it’s been my biggest interest my whole life and I’ve missed it a lot too.

I will also work this summer which feels kind of exciting to me. I got a job from the government that includes cleaning, painting and fixing outside. I love that I will be able to spend most of my time outside even when I’m working because I love the warm weather.

Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love the sun, how warm it is, how everything’s growing  and green, and how there are flowers everywhere. The summer break is a big part of it too and I can’t be more excited for this summer!