Crocs are the ugliest shoes in the world

Maygie Li, Staff Writer

Ever since 2002, Crocs have flipped the world upside down. The fashion sense of Americans is out of control and needs to be stopped. If anybody doesn’t know what Crocs are, they’ve been living under a rock, and they should probably stay there because then those horrid shoes don’t exist in their world.

Crocs created an uproar around the early 2000’s and changed the lives of children and adults. Their soft, foamy, rubber material attracted people toward their convenience and comfiness, but throughout the past 15 years they’re just as ugly as before.

According to Wikipedia, founder Nick Helms decided to make Crocs for the benefit of those who need medical help with their feet. Crocs are meant to form and shape to each individual’s foot, but he didn’t decide to make their outer appearance more appealing. We can tell that he has a soft heart on the outside, but an awful sense of style.

I personally think they are the ugliest shoes in the world. I don’t like the material. I don’t care for shoes that squeak when they’re wet. And I don’t have the time, effort and money to go out and purchase a pair of my own to find out whether they’re comfy or not.