EDITORIAL: Stampede staff thanks students

CMR is filled with around 1,500 students and staff members, but what makes up a vast majority of our school is the students. We have teacher appreciation week, but where is the appreciation for the students? This month, we at the Stampede want to thank our peers. These are the students you see at every game, cheering loud and proud for their team. The students who take eight classes just to learn a little more, you amaze us. The students who come to class ready to learn and truly apply themselves in their classes you inspire us. We want to thank the kids who work diligently to make CMR the best place it truly can be.
Thank you to the students who make this school what is it. We were so proud of our HOSA members for raising money for mental health awareness. You have worked so hard and it has paid off.
The students who pour their hearts into learning from Bill Will to the Thunderdome, and everything in between we appreciate you. To the young men and women who step up in all corners of the building — agriculture, drama and music, business, art, athletics, science, industrial tech, special ed, world languages and more — you represent the best of CMR. Student Government, who puts on morp, prom, tournaments, etc., we thank you for putting on events to get students participating within the school.
We understand that it is hard to find time to be involved, especially with everything else students have going on, so we applaud those who find time within their busy days to be apart of CMR. The students who do simple things around the school like picking up litter, or holding the door open for someone with their hands full we appreciate you. Simple things like that really do improve the school. CMR emphasizes that it is a better place to learn and teach, but it could not be that without the students who want to be at school to learn.
The Stampede staff wants to give credit where credit is due, so thank you to our fellow peers who participate as much as possible with the school