Stampede staff welcomes and meets with new associate principal

When Jamie McGraw snuck into 7th period Newspaper Workshop on Feb. 18, the staff was unaware of the surprise in store for them. 

McGraw, the new Associate Principal at CMR, began her tenure at the beginning of February. Formerly an associate principal at North Middle School, she “swapped” places with CMR’s Anita Ranieri. Her first full day was concluded with a visit, a meet-and-greet of sorts, to the Stampede Newspaper staff. 

McGraw, a former English teacher of 15 years at CMR, moved to administration before anyone on the staff had the opportunity to take her class. Much to the pleasure of all of us, McGraw provided details on her background and dialogued with the staff about our role in the environment of the school. 

McGraw specifically met with the Stampede as in her previous AP position at North she did not interact with a newspaper. The staff was greatly refreshed by this extra consideration to our unique position at CMR. She inquired about things such as staff leadership, prior review of publications, and offered any assistance our newspaper could need. 

As the former CMR teacher, now AP, reacclimates to working at a high school, we wish her a comfortable transition and look forward to continued cooperation.