Sophomore looks on bright side during school closure

Kerrigan Edwards, Staff Writer

I am not too excited about this whole school closure situation. I was looking forward to spending the rest of the year with my favorite seniors, and now I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to see any of them again. 

I have a feeling we are not only going to be out of school for just this amount of time. I know it’s going to be longer considering the rule in public schools is that if one of the students or faculty members gets the virus, schools would be closed for 3-5 days. 

At this moment I am really glad that I live in Montana, a state with a small people-to-land ratio. However, with this being said, I have noticed that multiple celebrities have come to their Montana homes in hopes that they will get further from the virus. This just increases fear in Montanans, concluding that the celebs from bigger cities will bring corona with them, making Montana a more infected state. 

Even though I am young and am at a lower risk of being drastically affected by COVID-19, I am trying to take serious precautions and make sure to social distance as much as possible. I don’t know when this whole thing will be over, but I do hope that everyone who currently has the virus recovers. 

While I would like to get on with my life and continue on my normal schedule, I am not going to go out and participate in any public activities or go to any overly populated areas until health officials have actually made sure that it is safe to do so. I won’t be listening to our President, and immediately continue going out into public often, just because it’s better for the economy. 

On the bright side, all of this free time has given me the chance to improve my life by getting rid of clutter and eating healthier. The closure has also helped me work on making my skin clear.