Advanced Placement Classes at CMR


Photo by Kerrigan Edwards

Beakers in a science classroom

Kerrigan Edwards, Editor in Chief

From the start of freshman year, I was determined to graduate with an honors diploma. Graduation has come extremely quickly and will be taking place on May 29. I am happy to confirm that I will be graduating with an honors diploma, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my honors and AP qualified educators. 

Junior year was the hardest for coursework. As stubborn teenagers do, I did not listen to my peers who cautioned me against taking a heavy workload my junior year. I made my way through AP United States history, and AP biology. Both of these courses taught me very important lessons in different ways. 

AP United States History taught me an abundance about the American dream, everything that this country has to offer, and who made it possible. It gave me an incredible foundation to an understanding of the basic principles I would need to carry with me throughout my life. In addition to the educational lessons, I was able to understand more about myself as a student. I learned the importance of time management and how to prioritize school work, while maintaining an incredibly busy schedule at the same time. 

Similarly, AP biology taught me so many things. I am not a science person and although AP biology confirmed this, I have no regrets about taking the class. I was able to understand how mammals grow and create habits, and learned the different processes of roasting coffee beans. Shockingly, learning about roasting beans has proved itself to be beneficial to my current job. 

I work in a coffee shop. 

In my senior year, I have been lucky enough to take AP English, and AP United States government. 

Most would assume that AP English would include an abundance of books, and grammar. Although this is definitely a part of the curriculum, I have learned so much more about literary movements, writing styles, and artistic tendencies of writers throughout time. I have a pre-existing appreciation for everything that literature has to offer, and my experience with AP English has done nothing but expand that.

In AP United States government I have been able to learn how to have coherent political conversations as well as better understand the media landscape and how to navigate all forms easily. I have a better understanding of the Constitution, and now, I am able to fully comprehend what happens in our government and how it affects myself and others. 

Basically, I believe that Charles M. Russell High School has prepared me educationally for the future. Although curriculum does not stick with me easily, I will never forget the lessons that my educators have taught me, and I will continue to be grateful for the opportunities they have provided me with.