EDITORIAL: City road department needs to invest in local roads

As the news stories pile us about how many cars flip from the giant potholes in the middle of busy roads, it still doesn’t seem like anything is changing.

Many have complained about the lack of care the roads of Great Falls has seen in the past few years, and the disregard is starting to create problems.

Even the construction workers are whining about how their job is not going how they wish it would. Citizens have gotten used to swerving to dodge the giant holes in the street to keep their cars from bottoming out.

It has gotten to the point where it is dangerous for cars low to the ground to drive on certain roads due to the conditions.

The city has received notes about how horrible the roads are and the board continues to do nothing with the problem, and ignore the way crashes are starting to rise because of these potholes.

As the city’s representatives focus on other issues, some people have taken things into their own hands by using paint to make graphic images over the potholes so they will get fixed quickly.

People should not have to create inappropriate pictures to get the roads in a better state. Even so, the board shouldn’t be waiting to fix the issues in the community.

With all of the people moving in to the town or even the state, it is not a good look for our city to have car crushing pot holes littering our streets for new families to see the absence of care we have for our roads.

It can’t be that hard to take a cement truck and fill in the missing spots and reroute people while it dries for a few days — especially since summer is starting.

If money is the issue, it is almost guaranteed that people would pay because of how tired they are of the disgusting streets.

The board simply needs to take action on the potholes to make the population happy or the crashes will increase and complaints will continue to pile up.