EDITORIAL: Stop the hate. Trans kids are just kids, too

Forty percent of this country’s population is under the age of 18, and everyone knows someone in this demographic. It may be your sister, a cousin, a family friend, but you know someone. Now what’s the chance they identify as transgender?

It’s about 1.4 percent of people 18 and under. The country’s legislation has been undergoing some horrific turns.

These are still just kids, and places like Florida are requiring young athletes to undergo genital examinations simply so a trans girl can’t run with other girls in a middle school track meet.
There are a lot more of these anti-trans bills, and people are treating these kids like they are the scum of the earth. They are are not only trans, but they are kids and deserve to live life comfortably and not be harassed. Why do people care if someone feels like they are a man or do not conform to the gender spectrum?

They are still a person and should be treated as such. One of the main problems people now face is whether or not we add a “trans bathroom” in places like stores and schools. People need to understand that saying “Just go where you’re supposed to, what you were born with” is harmful to this community. There is danger on both sides of the spectrum.

If people go in the restroom they identify with others might be on edge and rude, or if they go to the one they’re assigned they could be the victim of a hate crime. Kids can be vocal about their opinions if someone goes in the wrong or right bathroom, and their choice of bathroom might be the biggest mistake that person makes . Transgender people are just that — people, not monsters.

The trans community faces multiple issues, but certainly we can tackle some of them. You can fix bathrooms but not mindsets. We say schools and restaurants should have at least one bathroom that is a one-room bathroom. This can ensure safety and privacy for the people using them. As for the discrimination we can’t change people’s views, but we can teach the next generation love and acceptance. We’re not born with hate. We are taught to hate, so stop the harassment. Trans kids are just kids.