A Date with the Waves


Photo by Stampede

Gloria Baldevia, Staff Writer

When I was younger, my mother would often bring me every first break of the daylight along the shores of the ocean. I could remember it being as peaceful as being alone in a secluded room.  Jumping around and trying to play catch with the waves, my mother would always tell me that it’s best for me to not play yet for the sea is still asleep. She said that after how many hours of entertaining the kids that go to shore in the middle of the day while it generously offers them its natural purpose, its tidal waves would start to retract into the unseeable deep part of the ocean.  I have always had a deep connection for the waters. Although I am not a swimmer, just being in the presence of the salty air reminds me of how life can be as simple as seeing these waves.

But as I soon started sitting on the edge of the waters,  I noticed that not every soft wave that arrived to the shore would always arrive at the same time.  It was like a rhythm that whenever a wave would touch my toes, another would arrive. I looked far ahead into a farther part of the sea.  I saw that it was the same circumstance there as it was in front of me. It was a consistent sequential arrival of waves after waves. What those waters taught soon became a huge lesson for me.

I believe life is not a competition.  It is not about whoever goes to the finish line first and reap what they sow. Like the waves, I will have my own time to reach the shores.  There may be storms that will get in the way of my journey or a work of man that will pollute my streams, I know eventually I would never just disappear in the middle of the sea. I know I have the right time of my own wherein I can get to wherever my dreams take me.  I need not to look back to where I came from or who is with me. As long as I remember where I started, I can always achieve my destination.

I always feel like I am a slave of the time.  People around me would always dictate that we have to achieve something in the exact sequence of events: graduate by 22, get married by 25, be a boss at 30. Why can’t we just have our own freedom to achieve these things at our own expense?  Maybe if I don’t think about what the Fates embedded on my life string, I wouldn’t be so anxious of the present. I believe that the mornings in the seas taught me to cherish the destination. I realized that I never needed to compare my lives with others because all I needed is my own.  And when I get to that eventual destination in my own time , I know I get to rest like those waves in the morning sun.