The Roses Amongst the Weeds


Photo by Stampede

Jayla Mitchell, Staff Writer

Despite the horrendous terrorism all around the world, the cold and brutal killings of innocent people for unjustifiable reasons, the disgusting murderers and rapists that haven’t been caught and continue to exploit their defenseless victims, and the disturbing acts of violence inspired by who knows what, I believe in humanity. Despite the barbaric inequalities between races, genders, sexual orientations, and ages, I believe in humanity. Despite the lack of care for and the abuse of marvelous creatures that inhabit this beautiful and wondrous world, I believe in humanity. Despite the overwhelming amount of ignorance people carry, the lack of education (even with all of the resources available today), and the general shortage of an inclination to do better, I believe in humanity. And despite any of the wrong-doings ever committed by any person in all of the world’s history and existence, I still believe in humanity.

Too many good people have given me hope that humanity is not lost. I’ve seen the kind-hearted and compassionate individuals who care so much about other people’s well-being that they would do anything in their power to ease their pain and take away their suffering. I’ve met the accomplished individuals who are educated enough and would happily teach the ignorant in order to share what they feel is essential knowledge that could change the world. I’ve been one of the ambitious individuals who are eager learn and will voluntarily use the information they’re given for something worthwhile. I’ve known the fiery  individuals who have a passion for calling out the unspeakable faults of the world and coming up with ways to fix them. All of these people tell me that there are still human beings who have an understanding of what the true essence of humanity is. And for that, I believe in humanity.

There are also far too many instances in the world have proven to me that humanity has potential. Things like the fact that no action goes unnoticed, good or bad.That people will make a considerable effort to fight for the things they deeply care about. Like the fact that people will fly thousands of miles across the ocean to help strangers out. That some people with large sums of money in their bank accounts are willing to share the wealth with people who need it. Like the fact that although mistakes made hundreds of years ago continue to be made today, at some point the lessons that have been taught through each generation will be ingrained in society for people to grasp and absorb, and the world will finally make new mistakes to learn from. All of these cases show me that humans aren’t always selfish and inconsiderate, but there are some who actually care about others and want to make the world a better place. And for that, I believe in humanity.

I believe that despite and in spite of all of humanity’s discouraging flaws, the human race still has the extraordinary power and capacity to make incredible change in the world. For of that and so much more, I now–and always will–believe in humanity.