Huestis, Striepe aim for collegiate athletic glory

Zach Winter, Staff Writer

Josh Huestis

When watching Josh Huestis play basketball, one can tell that it’s more than just a game.

Senior athletes Josh Huestis and Kate Striepe are headed to Stanford and Wyoming to pursue collegiate careers.

“It’s a lifestyle,” Huestis said. Huestis has been a part of CMR varsity basketball since he was a sophomore and helped his team earn two state championships. Now he has received a full-ride scholarship to Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., to play basketball.

One teacher Huestis recognizes at CMR is his coach, John Cislo.

“Whenever I wanted to shoot or work out he was always there to let me and help out,” Huestis said. Huestis recalls the source of his experience and success. “Having all the support…no matter the problem there was always someone to help. My peers were always helpful encouragement for anything I wanted to do,” he said.

Huestis currently plans to double major in exercise physiology and sports psy- chology during his stay at Stanford. If playing professionally doesn’t work out, Huestis said he has other plans.

“I’d also love to train college or professional teams, or be a personal trainer.” Huestis sees Stanford as being able to keep his options open. “It was the right fit, they could make me the best player I could be and academics are second to none,” Huestis said. So from all the people Huestis has met over his career as an academic athlete, ever since he can remember starting out on his ‘little tikes’ four-foot hoop, Huestis has become an exceptional person who will gain success in all realms of his life.

“I don’t know where I’d be without CMR’s help.”

Kate Striepe

Looking back on her four years at CMR, student athlete Kate Striepe sees it as an overwhelmingly positive experience and a great influence on her future.

“Where would I be without CMR? It has been so much to me, so many memories and so much progress made through- out the whole high school experience. I have learned so much and had some of the best coaches and teachers who never gave up on me and kept telling me to keep reaching for the stars,” Striepe said.

Next year, she is attending the University of Wyoming on a partial athletic scholarship for track.

“I looked at so many schools and had a very tough time deciding and it was just the right fit for me,” she said. Striepe has been running track since sixth grade, so her participation in the track program in Wyoming was a deal maker when it came to her final decision.

“Their track program is in the Mountain West conference and their coaching staff is great. I got along with the team, they are so much fun to be around, and felt comfortable right away, plus the coaches are a lot of fun,” Striepe said. She plans to major in human kinesiology and prepare for a career in sports medicine.

“I would love staying in a career path that has something to do with athletes trying to hit their peak performance, and if I could somehow help

them achieve that then it would be perfect for me,” she said. Striepe said that many people have helped her achieve everything she’s accomplished thus far, but one particular teacher helped her along her journey through CMR more than any other. “One person that has always been there was Mrs. Virts.

She took care of all my in- juries and was always there to talk to about anything,” Striepe said. “She would always have the right advice and always give me a straight answer about things even if it is not what I wanted to hear. Overall so many people were there and helped me in some way or another and for that I am truly thankful.”