Find the time, be a fan

Meg Smith, Staff Writer

The sports world is full of victories and defeats, highs and lows, and crazed fans. The fans are where the students of CMR come into play. CMR has 11 sports throughout the year and each one could use a little Rustler pride. I impeach upon the CMR staff and students to make every effort in the world to attend these games, meets, and matches. It means everything to the players who have prepared with blood, sweat, and tears to win their games and hold up the CMR name.

And no, not just the varsity basketball and football players need the attention. Junior varsity and even freshman teams are a part of this school and deserve to be treated as such. Show up for an in-town cross country meet and cheer as your fellow Rustler’s race by. Use the ever popular golf clap at the Meadowlark Country Club to support the students of a calmer sport.

Soccer, track, softball, wrestling, and swimming. Every sport has its own thrills and anticipation. Expand beyond what CMR students are used to and familiar with. Isn’t CMR supposed to be about coming together and accepting everyone for who they are? Support your fellow classmates in what they love to do.

When was the last time you decided to show up and cheer for the swimmers of CMR? They’ve won state three times in a row and some of the student population doesn’t even know. But everyone, even those who don’t attend the games, know that our football team won state last year. Every sport should get their props and it’s up to you, the students of CMR, to give them their credit.

So the next time you’re finding yourself with a little extra time, throw on your CMR garb, grab your friends, and rally up some school spirit. It’s a simple step to including all CMR sports in the the Rustler pride.

Not everyone is a player. That’s a given. But everyone and anyone can be a fan. All it takes is a little green and gold and the courage to take the first step towards a big improvement.

So get out there and lose your voice screaming for CMR!