CMR upsets Capital in game 6 win, looks to playoffs

Austen Martell, Staff Writer

The Rustlers fell behind in the beginning of the season, and might have to win all of their remaining games this season to make state playoffs. Despite this, varsity head coach Jack Johnson remains confident about CMR’s postseason chances.
“We’ve been sputtering a bit lately,” Johnson said heading into Oct. 1, but have “gotten better,” and that CMR has “got a chance” at both the playoffs and their Homecoming rematch game against Helena Capital. “It’s going to be a beautiful weekend for football.”
After falling behind 7-10 at halftime,  CMR took the lead in the 4th quarter with less than two minutes remaining, after touchdowns by Kurtis Parsons and Zach McKinley made the score 21-10.
Capital scored one touchdown as the game ended, resulting in an impressive 21-16 CMR comeback.
Shawn Kreutz, a senior varsity defensive back, was unable to play due to a sprained wrist, but was confident of a Rustler win heading into the game.
Kreutz said “it’s up for grabs,” but he knew CMR would come away with a win due to a week of tough practicing.
He also said that CMR has improved enough to take the 2010 state championship. This last weekend, CMR traveled to Billings to face Skyview. This week they will face Flathead at Memorial Stadium.
“The goal is to win state,” Johnson said.
Johnson has been the Rustlers head coach for 38 years, and has 13 state championships.
“It’s always the goal,” he said.