Senior basketball varsity player gets inspiration from dad

by Deja Lacey and Whisper Harris

For one CMR senior, the motivation to play a sport came from the rejection of another.
Varsity basketball player Isaiah Collins developed a talent all because he couldn’t play baseball.

“I sucked at baseball and thought it would be fun to play basketball,” he said.  

Collins has been playing basketball since the second grade with his supportive parents continually there for him.

“They cheer me on and help me in every aspect of my life,” Collins said.

Even though Collins has parents behind him when it comes to basketball, they also are behind him when it comes to schoolwork.

“Schoolwork comes before anything else,” Collins said.

Living a lifestyle that is structured and orderly gives Collins a motivation to stay on the right track.

“My dad is my inspiration because he is a good role model and he shows me a good way to handle things,” he said.

Managing the stress between home life and school life, Collins said he finds it simple to manage both lives and still have time to relax.

“I work very hard at everything I do. I think our team has very good potential to compete with any team in the state,” Collins said.

Keeping in shape and having a healthy lifestyle are factors that allow him to play.

“Staying in shape [is important] because you won’t be able to play at your full potential,” he said.

Collins values the opportunity he has to be a positive role model for the school.

 “I represent the school in a big way.”