Maturing freshmen adapt to new style of gameplay

Collin Marquard, staff writer

The freshman team needs to clean up its act, or at least that’s what Coach John Cislo thinks.

 “A lot of kids aren’t very mature when it comes to practice time,” Cislo said, adding that some freshmen don’t seem to be taking athletics seriously.

 According to Cislo, the “newbies” need to learn the fundamentals of the actual game. He believes his team has the capability of winning all their games, but he said what they need to do is learn the game and understand that it’s a big jump from middle school.

Freshman football player Jacari Murphy agrees.

“I feel ashamed that this school’s future elite are taking their athletics lightly,” Murphy said.

To help his athletes achieve their maximum potential, Cislo said he has to push them to their fullest.  As of Oct. 2, the team’s record stands at 6-4. Their next game is scheduled for Oct. 6.

“They get better every day, every week,” Cislo said.