Skating sisters carve up the ice

While most people cringe at the sight of ice this time of year, sophomore Christina and freshman  Ellie Brennan couldn’t be happier.

When Ellie was in first grade her friend got her to try ice skating and little did she know she would go on to win four gold medals at her first competition seven years later.

Last year at Ellie’s first big competition, she competed in synchronized skating, a duo skate, and two solos, one without music. She went on to win a gold medal in all of her categories.

“I was proud of myself,” Ellie said.

On Dec. 14, Ellie performed at Great Falls Ice Skating Club’s Christmas recital.

Ellie performed a solo to Jingle Bell Rock and skated to the Polar Express theme song with the three other girls in her freestyle team.

“I’m definitely really nervous when I get on the ice,” Ellie said. “But once I get in the center I focus on the routine.”

Nerves are something that Ellie commonly deals with before every performance.

However, they have managed to get better over time.

“The more competitions and performances I do, the more confident I feel,” Ellie said.

Christina also feels confident about her sister’s performance.

“I think she did really well,” Christina said. “I’m really proud.”

Christina also spent three to four times a week rehearsing for performances since the beginning of their season in November, but because of a minor concussion she received after hitting her head on the ice she was not allowed to perform.

“I blacked out for like 30 seconds,” Christina said. “I remember all these people were around me.”

Christina was rehearsing a split jump just a week before the recital when something went wrong with her blade and she fell and hit the ice.

When someone asked her the date and she said it was Nov. 22, everyone grew concerned.

“They were scared for me.”

After hitting the ice, Christina said she got a huge bump on the side of her head.

“It was the size of a baby pear,” Christina said.

Christina said she also was upset that she couldn’t skate due to her concussion.

“I felt like I was letting my team down,” Christina said.

Unfortunately, her concussion has affected her outside of the rink as well.

“It’s just really frustrating,” Christina said. “I couldn’t hold a conversation. What really upsets me is how dizzy I get.”

Despite not being able to participate, Christina said she enjoyed the performance and watching her sister.