Q. and A.: The never ending season

Very few things crush the ego of a high school guy, but Senior Ashleigh Lehotski knows just how to do that. Out-lifting the majority of her male peers, she excels in both the weight room, and on the track. Shattering the state records for every single event in both the State lifting meets, and shot-put, she is a female athlete likely to be uncontested for a while in the treasure state record books.

Q. What motivates you to break state records you have already set?

A. Knowing that I’ve gotten stronger, I wanted to set the records in a place where they wouldn’t be touched for a while. My biggest competition is myself, so it was to prove that I am better than last year and that what I am doing is working.

Q. How big of an influence has your family been on you?

A. They are my biggest motivators. I lift with my dad and brother when he’s back from college. They got me started then kept encouraging me to get stronger and eventually I just grew to lvoe and appreciate the sport all on my own. Now it’s kind of an addiction to see how much I can lift.

Q. How long have you been lifting? Shot-put?

A. Lifting since 3rd or 4th grade and shot-put [I] started in 7th grade.

Q. What goals do you have lined up this year in track and field?

A. The top goal is to win state again, but it wouldn’t hurt to take the state record as well, but I don’t want to count my eggs too early, we’re only a few weeks in.

Q. What is your go-to post workout/practice meal?

A. I workout right before breakfast and have track before dinner so when I get home whatever my mom cooks is what I’ll eat.