A dream to ski and a broken knee

Senior Conner Klaue has enjoyed skiing for many years, and he is no stranger to injuries that occur in the sport.  Once he hyperextended his thumb as he fell and reached for his ski pole.  


“I have to wear this brace now because I tore my ACL and broke my meniscus,” Klaue said. “I’ll have to have surgery, so I’ll definitely be out [of skiing] for a while. At the moment I can still ski, even though I’m not technically supposed to. I just  can’t do jumps that take me off the ground.”

Once he was in a ski contest that allowed him to personally judge what it’s like to compete.  

He said he found the experience rewarding,  but he would not do it again because the other competitors  made the experience not as enjoyable as he would have hoped.  


Currently, he works as a ski instructor at Showdown, where he teaches people who are around his own age and younger.  


Klaue said he dreams of becoming an avalanche forecaster who analyses winter weather and the snow conditions for possible areas of danger.