Swimmer spends Christmas break underwater

Jessica Banks, Opinion Editor

Christmas break might be a time to relax and take a break for some people, but not for senior Megan Carroll, who had two-a-day swim practice all of Christmas break.

“I really love to swim, so two-a-days don’t bother me too much. I am not excited to wake up early over the break, but I like to swim,” Carroll said.

Although it is a lot to practice, two times a day over Christmas break a lot of the practice time is filled with fun activities for everyone to be able to participate in.

Carroll said she looks forward to the senior group competitions. All of the swimmers get into groups and compete against each other to earn points.

One of the biggest events of the Christmas break swim practice is the legendary 100 100’s, where the swimmers have to swim 100 100-yard segments on a certain interval. In the past it has been rare to make all 100 of the 100s on the correct interval.

“I am going to try to make the 100 100s,” Carroll said. “If you make all 100 of them you get a letter pin.”

Although practicing over the vacation is not every athlete’s favorite way to spend their break, Carroll is very committed to swimming and wants to improve herself in every way she can.

“I am very dedicated to swimming because I am passionate about it and I enjoy the competition and making friends on my team.”