Wranglers excite crowd with new dances each time

Paige McCorkle and Callan Garner

Laughing, the Wrangler captains go over what to do next. Usually when you see a team, there is a coach on the side lines helping everything along. But with the dedication on the dance team, the captains pick their own music, make their own dances, and teach the dances to the rest of the team.

Senior captain Michelle Li is excited about the fact that they get to choose the music.

“Music makes the dance most [of the] time,” she said.  

Constantly on a tight schedule, the Wrangler captains get together almost everyday after school for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to choreograph dances for upcoming events. However, it really depends on when the next dance is.

For example, if they don’t have a performance for another few weeks, they won’t rehearse every day. Yet as deadlines approach and performances close in, the captains really begin to work, Li said.

Along with the regular practices, the captains work outside of those set times to find the best fitting music, the tightest dance routine and all the rest of the aspects that will lead to a great show. Once everything is then figured out, they begin to teach it to the rest of the team.