Freshman getting a chance to play up

JJ Slater, Staff Writer

Due to a shortage of freshmen girls trying out there is no freshman team for the CMR basketball program. Instead the freshmen are placed on the sophomore team. Aubrey Smith is one of those freshmen.

Aubrey’s older sister, Laura Smith, played basketball for two years and really got the ball rolling in the family.

“I’ve enjoyed it myself but she was the one that started it in my family,” Smith said.

Smith has been playing [since she was little], mostly at the guard position due to being small. Her family has a lot on their plate with six children, but the entire crew attends each of her games to cheer her on. Sports have been major bonding instances between Smith and her family members since she was young.

Being part of the program has been fun for the newcomer this year, she said.

“We work as a team. Winning together and even taking the losses together too. It’s super fun.”

Smith doesn’t only play basketball. She also participate in volleyball this past fall and is thinking about tennis this coming spring and possibly cross country in the fall as a sophomore.