Bobcats .VS. Grizzlies — an annual competition


Photo by Stampede

Paige McCorkle , staff writer

When the Bobcats and Grizzlies met together on the football field the saturday before Thanksgiving, almost everyone was on their toes throughout the game. The Grizzlies took the lead in the first two quarters.

The first quarter, Griz scored 7 points while they left the Bobcats in the dust. As the second quarter came around, the Bobcats had scored 7 points and the Grizzlies scored another 8 points. By this time the Grizzlies were in the lead 15-7.

As half-time rolled around, neither teams scored any points. It was a close call by the fourth quarter and surprised both teams when the Bobcats made a comeback and scored 22 points now leaving the Grizzlies to fall back.

In the end, the total score for the Bobcats was 29 while the total score for the Grizzlies was 25.

It was a close game which had people on the edge of their seats and while the Grizzlies were hoping to redeem themselves from last year’s loss, the Bobcats had another dream come true.