CMR volleyball teammates recall memories made at state

This was written by a student in the Introduction to Journalism class


Photo by Nancy Beston

Taylor Kolsch, Introduction to Journalism Writer

There is one thing freshman Norah Allen never thought she would do.

“In the beginning of the season, my goal was to at least sit varsity but play JV,” Allen said. Allen traveled to Bozeman in November to play in the MHSA state volleyball tournament. Allen started volleyball in second grade with the influence of her mom. Memories are something Allen has learned to cherish throughout her time playing volleyball.

At the state tournament, Allen and her CMR volleyball teammates made memories and learned how to work as a team.

“I felt a lot of pressure going out and playing against girls that are at least two to three years older than me,” Allen said. Allen’s confidence definitely grew throughout her time in Bozeman. Feeling nervous her first game, Allen said winning the first game made her feel confident in her and her team. Being one of the only freshmen to travel to Bozeman made Allen nervous as well.

Freshman Ella Cochran also traveled to Bozeman.

 “My friends Savannah and Morgan came down and watched. It made the tournament feel a lot more peaceful,” Cochran said. The tournament was hard for Cochran especially not playing as much as she hoped.  Cochran said being with the team made the experience way better.

 “I really had a good time, especially the trips going down and coming back. I really felt the team spirit on the bus rides,” Cochran said.  She said that the CMR volleyball team tried their hardest to have fun but also produce the outcome they hoped for.

Like Cochran, Anna Broquist felt how special the team and the spirit of the team was.

“I loved the team this year. There was just something special about it,” Broquist said. Being a junior, Broquist said she really got to feel different types of teamwork but still knowing that this year was different. She said playing the same teams they did during the regular felt a lot different than the tournament.

 “The other teams played a lot more physical than they did in the regular season,” Broquist said.